LoL Awesome Convention, I’m Proud I didn’t Miss it

Last year, Summoner’s Con was the first League of Legends convention on the west coast. LEc2 2015 is the only League of Legends convention on this side of the states, so we want to bring you the very best of the very best. We are placing on a League of Legends Convention for the East Coast, called League of Legends East Coast Convention (LEc²) and we want to sell t-shirts at the occasion. Hi, we’re Kevin ( /u/tehwebguy ) and Cat , the Summoners Con group and we are producing the first League of Legends convention.

Make sure to get your League of Legends East Coast Convention ticket these days! First East Coast League of Legends Convention is to be Held in two Days! Summoners con compilation of every thing i saw and did.

One is the LEc2 Convention, held June 12-13 2015 in Virginia, USA, was produced as the only League of Legends convention on the east coast to accommodate those who could not travel to Globe competitions. Now, eSports HQ is hosting the first east coast League of Legends convention: LEc². Last weekend’s LEc2 Convention in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was a likelihood for League of Legends enthusiasts on the East Coast to meet some of the game’s largest streaming personalities and celebrities.

League of Legends Fans get read for an East Coast Convention! Meet Gnar from the League of Legends. League of Legends is returning to PAX East for 2016 !

The loot provided out during PAX East 2016 for league of legends. LEc2 is the only League of Legends convention on this side of the states, so they want to bring you the very best of the greatest. This is the official page for the League of Legends: Florida & League of Legends Cosplayers: Florida meetup.

With London Gaming Con and Anime Con now merged in a bigger venue, there will be far more gaming this year than earlier years! While League of Legends is undoubtedly top the industry with it is esports endeavors, it is events like this that remind us that not all players of League of Legends are about optimizing play and following esports. I’d honestly totally adore for them to carry out ‘This is War’ at summoners con.

For the non-gamers in the space, League of Legends is 1 of the most well-liked video games in the world. We also teamed up with Elaine Wu to bring Summoners Cafe , a League of Legends themed maid cafe, to our convention! The convention is hosted by the talented YouTube League of Legends star Sky Williams, and will function special guest appearances from more than 36 YouTube League of Legends Content creators, Twitch streamers, journalist, pro cosplayers, and a lot more.

The 2015 League of Legends Globe Championships are heading to Europe, and will be filling out stadiums in London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. I am writing this blog to point the image naming conventions we use on right here. League of Legends fans will be capable to participate in a single of 4 Q&A sessions and special five vs. five friendly matches against Korean League of Legends pro gamers.